And he again rings twice..EBBP#4 this time from France

This has been my second time participating in the EuroBlogging by Post event and certainly not the last one..Last time I received a wonderful parcel from Johanna. After returning back from New York I just couldn’t wait to see Andrew’s e-mail saying to which country in Europe and to which other foodblogger I’m going to send my foodie parcel. Andrew was the host of this round – a big big Thank you goes to him for this ( I have the feeling that it must take a lot of energy and nerves to organize an event like this with all that personal e-mailing and tracking..just look at his roundup)
When my parcel finally arrived I just absolutely couldn’t wait to see from whom it comes…it came from the charming Fanny at FoodBeam, a wonderful blog which I already knew and which I visit and like a lot! Fanny is French, she lives in Toulouse in France and makes absolutely wonderful food photography. She has a lot of great sweet recipes on her site but also some other creative cratfy things.
This is what I received from Fanny:

– A jar of Piment d’Espelette – a mild chili from Espelette, a small town in the Pyrennées Atlantiques region of France where it is grown under special conditions (apelation d’origine controllée). Fanny suggest to use it instead of piri-piri for example in this prawn recipe from the famous Tessa Kiros cookbook

Confit de Violette – a violet jam -do you see on my picture how beautiful this is? Toulouse is the city of violets and this beauty comes from the best shop int he town selling violet products (I’ve been to Toulouse and I actually remember this shop!). Fanny recommends to try it as a syrup over vanilla ice cream (hmm..) or as a a glaze for duck. To be tested!

– A bag of fantastic quality medjol dates – this is already gone..khm..

– A bag of Fanny’s homemade caramel au beurre salé –absolutely addictive –already gone..Salted caramel is in fact something I got familiar with through reading other foodblogs and something which is very high on my list to be tried to make. Fanny also provided me with the recipe for it but to be honest, I’m a bit afraid to try it. Definetely too good…

Confiture de figue maison – a jar of homemade fig jam –now I of course opened it already just to test…OMG..this is heaven, believe me! I’ll try to be very nice with Fanny and get the would be the fisrt thing I’d make in the figue season.

Fanny, dear, THANK YOU very much for your beautiful parcel I’m enjoying every single item of it!!


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  1. Ooh, great, you are posting in English. I’m seriously envious about all these food parcels – too cruel I don’t live in Europe right now. I adore medjools – you just inspired me to take a trip to the supermarket 😉

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