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To be very honest I’m not that much a cookie person. I do love sweets (well, that’s maybe an understatement indeed….) and I also love to prepare desserts. But I prefer to make cakes or ice cream or puddings. I very rarely bake cookies. Because you need to be patient and very precise for that. And because you have a lot of them in the house then and you eat all of them….So, baking in general: yes, but normally I try to avoid anything wich requires rolling and dusting and cutting. But I soo wanted to participate in this fantasctic joint IMBB/SHF event, organized by the inventors of these events, Alberto and Jennifer that I decided to give it a try. And anyway, I blog in Hungarian but I love to participate in these events and do only these posts in English. And at these occasions I enjoy so much to open the doors a little and step out to the international world of foodblogging. And these cookies turned out so perfect that I might get into that cookie baking mood..
Actually I wanted to make something Hungarian but I realized that the really typical sweets and our most famous pastries are all big cakes or rich, filled pastries. No cute, little cookies.
So, I decided to make something which I have been making for a couple of times for Christmas and it was always a big hit: mini Ischler cookies, those famous elegant Austrian cookies made of two linzer cookies sandwiched together with raspberry jam and glazed with chocolate. And with that I’m only some hundreds kilometers far from the Hungarian border..
But then what happens: I realize, no chocolate, no raspberry jam in the house. And since we got such a huge snow over the night here in Brussels that I just really enjoyed so much being home and was absolutely lazy to go to anywere, so I applied the creative approach and filled those cookies with something else: orange curd. ( So, actually I should call these cookies Ischler with orange curd but that sounds a kind of bizarre, don’t you think?) I totally love lemon or other citrus curd (which is by the way absolutely unknown in Hungary – for the Hungarian version of this post I really had to think for an appropriate translation). I tried a few different recipes and I found one which is the perfect one for my taste: it is included in a fantastic book, one of my favorites: Serena, Food &Stories. So I used this recipe, substituting oranges for lemons.
All in all, I love these cookies. I absolutely don’t recomment to make them ahead (although they probably keep very well) because you will need to make new batches again and again every weekend until Christmas…

Recipe (makes 30 pieces):

200g/7oz all purpose flour
150g/5oz cold butter
100g/3,5oz icing sugar
70g/2,5oz ground walnuts
pinch of salt
big pinch of cinnamon

Orange curd:

(For the cookies you will need only half of this recipe, but I always make the whole batch and freeze the other half)
100g/½ cup sugar
zest of two big oranges
½ cup fresh orange juice (1 big orange)
1tbsp fresh lemon juice
4 egg yolks
2 whole eggs
120g/8 tablespoons of butter

Prepare the orange curd (at least a day ahead): put orange juice, zest, sugar, salt in a saucepan and whisk. Add egg yolks and whole eggs and whisk smooth. Cook, stirring constantly over medium heat until it starts to bubble. Now add the butter and stir until the mixture thickens. Cool and store in the fridge. (Keeps for a week int he fridge or int he freezer for two months.)
Prepare the cookies:
Preaheat oven to 180C/350F.
Make a firm dough mixing the flour, sugar, ground walnuts, cinnamon, salt and the butter (I like to grate the cold butter). I make it with my hand but you could certainly use a food processor for this. Form the dough into a ball, wrap in plastic foil and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Roll out the dough (I find it easier to do this in two batches) and cut small circles with a cookie cutter (inch). Put the cookies on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper (or a silicon sheet) and bake for about 6-7 minutes. They shoul be light in color and feel still a little underdone (the will set as they cool). Cool completely.
Assemble cookies:
Sandwich each two cookies with a little orange curd. (Resist to put too much curd between otherwise you lose control over the shape and the filling will ooze on the sides)
And now comes the toughest part of the recipe: let rest for at least half a day covered with foil so that the cookies can soften.

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Added on 10th December:
I just realized that I’ve been voted with this among the best 12 cookie recipes of the Cookie swap organized jointly by Jennifer and Alberto. I’m totally surprised and very honoured! I can’t wait to receive that funny Cookie Sutra book… So THANK YOU everyone for visiting and for voting, you made my day! And congratulations to all other participants because I think all those 152 cookies are just amazing!
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  1. Hi Zsofi !Just learnt that “comment” was “hozzászólás” in Hungrish, very interesting :pThe cookies look great and the orange curd’s very original too. I’m sure they wouldn’t have looked that good with raspberry or chocolate :p

  2. Hi Zsofi, thank you so much for your kind, kind comment on my latest post today, and what a surprise to find another English post on your blog ! I agree with everything you write about being or not being a “cookie person”, it’s just the same with me. And I would not have had anything against you posting an Austrian recipe 😉 but I am highly grateful about the adapted recipe you have been successful with. I have got to know lemon curd in England and since citrus fruits and especially orange are among my most favourite flavours I will give those cookies a try – not long before Christmas 😉 Have a nice and “besinnliche” Advent Season and take care, angelika

  3. Hello Zsofi,your cookies look great – and lemon curd is an absolutely wonderful idea 🙂 I’ll have to try that – wanted to make lemon curd anyway these days…

  4. Audrey,thanks for visiting!these cookies taste absolutely wonderful with that raspberry jam -although you’re right that they wouldnt look so decadent.Angelika,I have some favorite Austrian sweets (Kaiserschmarn, Marillenknödel, usw.)but I’ll maybe wait for some authentic recipe posts from some Austrian foodbloggers:)?Petra,I also love lemon curd. I can just recommend you to try this recipe, it’s percfect. Your pumpernickel cookie sounds very interesting!

  5. Hi Zsofi, beautiful cookies and fantastic flavor combination! I can only imagine how delicious they must be! By the way, I would love to see you blog more often in English, particularly on traditional or favorite Hungarian dishes. I ate such delicious food when I was in Hungary several years ago, but every time I feel like eating it again I can’t seem to find any Hungarian cookbooks on my shelf… 🙂

  6. Dear Melissa!Thanks for visiting!I’m a big fan of your very inspiring and beautiful blog!You know, when I started this blog just recently it was a big dilemma whether to blog in English and “promote” Hungarian food or write in Hungarian. I opted for the last one, but I would love to (and I will) post some favorite Hungarian recipes. The next one should be an AUTHENTIC Goulash recipe I think (I’ve seen some interesting versions..)Anyway, in the meantime whenever you crave some Hungarian food, just let me know, I’ll send you the recipe:)

  7. Szia Zsófi!A tegnapi görli vacsorára Varkoly Edina ezzel a sütivel állított be, isteni volt, és azóta átküldte a linket is … így ma még nem sokat dolgoztam 🙂 nagyon klassz a recept és szuper ez a blog! a narancssaláta még ma kipróbálásra fog kerülni, a sarki zöldségesnél gyönyörű gránátalmákat láttam, pont belevaló!Jaj, és tetszik, hogy ugyanaz a hozzáállásunk a receptekhez – úgy látom, te is szeretsz belevinni egyéni ötleteket, kis csavarokat 🙂 Viki

  8. Viki, jaj de jó!!Azt nagyon szeretem, ha működnek a receptek és másnak is ízlik a végeredmény! Amióta csinálom ezt a blogot, sokkal tudatosabban odafigyelek,hogy mit és mennyit használok, mert úgy egyébként eléggé piff-puff főz az ember és a legnagyobb művészet utána ugyanolyanra produkálni, nem? Remélem ízlik majd a narancssaláta..

  9. Hi, Zsofi —Your cookies look delicious and quite sophisticated. I love jam-filled cookies, so curd-filled ones will be fun to try. I’m not sure I could wait a day before eating them, though!

  10. They look totally amazing and I love the idea of orange curd around Christmas time instead of the more common lemon.Congratulations!

  11. Szia, ki akarom probalni a sutit, csak azt szeretnem tudni, hogy a narancs hejat reszelve vagy nagyobb darabokban teszed bele (es aztan kiveszed)? koszi, Anna

  12. Anna,én úgy csináltam, hogy a reszelt narancshéjat benne hagytam ( de nagyon apróra kell reszelni és lehetőleg ne kerüljön bele fehérje, hogy nehogy keserű legyen), de ha valakit zavar, akkor amikor kész a krém, át lehet paszírozni szűrőn és akkor teljesen sima lesz.Remélem ízleni fog!

  13. Megcsináltam, kicsit féltem a krém főzésekor, hogy cukrozott rántotta lesz belőle, de tökéletesre sikerült, mindenkinek ízlett! A narancs héja senkit se zavart:)Heléna

  14. Zsófi! Megsütöttem a sütit, osztatlan sikert arattam vele. A krém másik felét viszont muffinhoz használtam fel: kevertem egy alap muffin tésztát, beleöntöttem a formába, a tetejére pedig raktam egy-egy kanál krémet és étcsoki darabkákat. Isteni lett!Köszönöm a receptet! Hajni

  15. Szia Zsófi! Nagyon tetszik a blogod, teljese rákattantam…Már készült, mézes cékla, sütőtök leves stb….Nagyon finomak voltak. Aztán életem első aprósütijét(eddig csak muffint sütöttem, mert még nagyon kezdő vagyok..)is megsütöttem. A fahéjas, narancskrémest, nagyon ízlett mindenkinek. Nekem volt egy kis gondom(kezdő szint!!), a tészta nagyon morzsolodott, még hűtő után is, alig tudtam kinyújtani, ez mitől lehet(két balkéz?)vagy tudsz valami tanácsot adni, mert Karácsonyra is ezt szeretném sütni!Angliában imádtam a lemon curd-ot(kiloszám hoztam haza, senkinek nem jött be, most falták a sütit???), ez a narancsos is szuper!Köszi, hogy elinditottál a főzés élvezető útján!Konyhatündér lettem!Szép napot!Moncsa

  16. Szia Zsófi!Nagyon tetszik a blog! Fantasztikusak a receptek, anyukámmal már 3 napja olvasgatjuk. Most csináltam meg a narancskrémes linzert. Most itt ülök a gép előtt a maradék narancskrémet kanalazgatva 🙂 A tésztával voltak gondjaim… Nekem nagyon morzsálódott ragadt, és tört. Rengeteget szenvedtem vele, már úgy voltam hogy egyenként taposom szét a kis karikákat… Másnak is ilyen nehézkesen ment? van ennek valami trükkje?előre is köszi: Orsi

  17. off: Moncsa és Gabi! belinkelnék egy másik receptet, ott a hozzászólások közt megtaláljátok Zsófi válaszát az én hasonló problémámra:ütöttem ezt a sütit, szenteste délutáni beugró vendégeknek, annyira finom, annyira nem a megszokott. a legjobb benne, hogy részletekben kell elkészíteni és ez irtó jól jön egy kisgyerek mellett :-))köszönöm és kellemes ünnepeket!Helga

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